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D.E. Brown Construction, Inc.

4128 Shopton Rd.

Charlotte, NC  28217

PH:     704-588-1961

FAX:  704-588-1916










Mecklenburg County

Real Estate Department

Charlotte, NC


            Bob Dulin                   Office:             704-432-3930

                                              Mobile:            704-575-4947


            Bryan Turner               Office:             704-336-8816

                                               Mobile:            704-579-1493


            Doug Buchanan           Office:            704-336-3732

                                               Mobile:           704-579-1494


            Ed Meyers                  Office:            704-336-5698

                                               Mobile:           704-617-0837


            Christina McClimans   Office:             704-432-4863

                                               Mobile:           704-996-3924


Historic Landmarks Commission

Charlotte, NC


            Stewart Gray                Office:             704-376-9115

                                                Mobile:            704-641-2894






City of Charlotte

Maintenance/Management Dept.

Charlotte, NC



            Steve Marlowe           Office:             704-336-3225
Mobile:           704-400-5371


            Sue Rutledge              Office:             704-336-4120
Mobile:            704-400-5367


            Bruce Miller                Mobile:           704-336-4469


            Chad Huskins             Office:             704-336-3215

                                               Mobile          704-400-0946



Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina

Corporate Office

Charlotte, NC


            Thang Nguyen              Office:             704-540-9447

                                                Mobile:            704-622-2168




Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina

Franchisee – Cary, NC


            Mike Milligan               Office:              336-719-1905

                                                Mobile:            336-675-1715


Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina

Franchisee – Charlotte, NC


Casey Holzman           Mobile:            704-242-2863



Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Charlotte, NC


            Victor Kozma             Office:             704-940-1509





Bojangle’s –Famous Chicken & Biscuits

Corporate Offices

Charlotte, NC


            Claude Clark               Office:              704-527-2675

                                                Mobile:            980-721-9166


            Vivian Pugh:                 Office:             704-527-2675


            Norman Harrison          Mobile:           980-721-4187





Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina


Greensboro, NC


Brian DaMore             Mobile:            828-234-1899



Baucom & Claytor Attorneys At Law

Charlotte, NC


            Bill Claytor                 Office:             704-376-6527


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Dept.

Charlotte, NC


            Dale Hall                     Office:             704-391-5078

                                               Mobile:            704-533-0438




Fryday & Doyne Architects

Charlotte, NC


            John Fryday                Office:             704-372-0001



Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins Restaurants

Architects – formerly RBA Group (currently R4 Architecture) 

Office: 704-688-7500              Fax:  704-688-7575

Attn:  Mike Remesi – Owner                                              



Luttman Architecture

Charlotte, NC


            Troy Luttman              Office:             704-921-2700

                                               Mobile:           704-607-2885


Strickland’s Ice Cream

Lake Wylie, SC


            Andrew Puch              Office:             803-802-9911

                                               Mobile:           516-810-7521




T1 Tapas Restaurant

Huntersville, NC


            Mike Feldman             Mobile:            704-236-6466

            Jim Morris                   Mobile:            704-231-0924



Tyndall Mattress Company

Charlotte, NC


            Chuck Tyndall              Office:             704-889-4393

                                                Mobile:            704-609-9827


SAS Cupcakes

Charlotte, NC


            Mike & Tara Voigt       Office:             443-553-6456


The Central Group

Charlotte, NC


            Michael Adams           Mobile:            704-241-5358


The Common House Restaurant

Charlotte, NC


            Mike Fisher                Mobile:            704-953-2848

            Ryan Looney              Mobile:            704-634-0345





Hunter’s Crossing Eye Care Center

Charlotte, NC


            Dr. David Blanton      Office:             704-541-5500

            Dr. Robert Askary     


Dr. John S. Selden, DDS     

Charlotte, NC


            Dr. John S. Selden      Office:            704-597-3493


Fitness Center

Charlotte, NC 


            Fred Sanguine              Mobile:  704-941-1909





Loco Lime Mexican Restaurants

Charlotte, NC


            Michael Adams           Phone: 704-241-5358

            John Adams                 Phone: 704-622-9009





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